Tree felling services

We offer commercial and domestic tree removal services in and around Gauteng. If you have trees on your property that need attention, call in Curative Holdings. We will complete an inspection and give you the best affordable management solution without compromising the building structures around the tree. The techniques we use to remove trees will vary dependent upon factors such as: the size and shape, how old the tree is and whether or not it is damaged through rot or insect infestation. If you require felling or removal services it pays to call in an expert for your own personal safety and the safety of your property. Before felling commences it is important to plan very carefully and consider if there are any factors that need to be taken into consideration like overhead lines, roads and buildings. Our experts don’t leave anything to chance. Call us today for a free appraisal.

Services offered:

  • Tree felling and trimming
  • Tree pruning, including palm trees
  • Stump and roots removal
  • Site clearance

Supply and Delivery of instant lawn

We pride ourselves in supplying a prompt service and quality freshly weed free lawns to individual home owners, landscapers and property developers, our team can advise you on which lawn is best suited to your lifestyle and budget. Whether you simply need the turf delivered or you require turf supplied and installed, our quality assured staff will get the job done. We have highly skilled and vastly experienced personnel who do the laying.

Planting of instant lawn

We deliver fresh lawn from farm and make sure it is installed the same day. Curative Holdings prides itself in employing highly skilled and vastly experienced staff who do the planting of instant lawn. When laying the lawn, we make sure to get each sod pushed firmly up against the other and we take time to ensure this is done properly. Packing the sods tightly and firmly together helps the lawn establish better and offers our clients that instant look. We always deliver exactly the right type of grass you order.

Ground Preparation

Before seeding or sodding, it’s important to thoroughly work the soil. We pride ourselves in putting a lot of work in ground preparation which includes amending poor soils, such as heavy clay, by adding organic matter such as compost, rotted manure, peat, and quality topsoil, removal of old lawn, grass, weeds, raking away all stones, lumps of soil which can cause the land to be uneven. We have the right equipment and tools to ensure a good job.

Rubble Removal

Whether you have a few unwanted items or you need an entire office cleaned out, no domestic or commercial job is too big or too small for our company to do. We offer the cheapest and most efficient rubbish removal services in the area. The instant you decide to use our rubbish removal services in greater Johannesburg area is the moment you’ll realise how much time you’ve been wasting on this tedious task. With a single phone call you can save yourself hours of doing tedious job. Take a closer look at what we have to offer and you’ll see reliability every step of the way.

Removal Services Includes:


Household rubbish






Garden waste


Garage clearance


House clearance


Builders rubbish


Trade rubbish


Garden clean-ups


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